On the Menu

Hey there,

I’m Ilana.

As a kid I came to Israel a couple of times, and naturally, stuffed my face full of falafel and hummus. I couldn’t get enough. The golden color of falafel, the smell of garlic wafting in the air, the funny accent of the man behind the counter… But, after a few more visits, and experiencing the migration of Middle Eastern cuisine to the United States, the novelty wore off. Now, having lived in Israel for a bit over two years, I have the urge to run, far and fast, at the sight of a chickpea, no matter what form it takes.

There is no question that garbanzo beans comprise the main group on the Israeli food pyramid. Most of the world probably thinks it’s our major cash-crop. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know if they grow on a tree, or in the ground, or on a vine, or from a flower… but does that even matter? We’re not here to explore the origins of a bean! We are here to discover every other type of fare found in the tiny country that is Israel. So, sorry if you’re a hummus devotee, but it’s time to say

Farewell Chickpea!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Yosef Shlomo says:

    what’s new on the menu? Do they serve microwave meals in Dimona?

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