A Date with Dad

To tell you about our favorite lunch spot in Tel Aviv, who is more qualified than my foodie dad? I may interject from time to time, but this post is (mostly) him:

As a guest contributor, some background information that may help explain this post. First, I have found that paying slightly more for certain things is well worth the price.  Second, I value food quality, service and ambiance almost equally at restaurants (if any of the three are missing, I tend not to return). And lastly, I consider the early courses simply a prelude to dessert.

All of which brings me to Herbert Samuel, in general, and their business lunch in particular.  The lunch is offered six days a week and consists of two courses – a starter and a main course.  Long gone are the glory days when HS offered a five-course business lunch – a real treat.

When I visit my daughter, I try to eat the majority of my lunches here.  Herbert Samuel is conveniently located near the southern part of the Tel Aviv promenade overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and next door to the Dan Panorama Hotel.  For those driving, a large lot lies directly across the street and they have valet parking.

You cannot go wrong with most of the starter or main course options (though some I definitely like better than others).  While they are known for their “Herbert Samuel” tomato salad, I always go for their soup of Jerusalem artichoke, chestnuts truffles. Their tartar dishes are also quite good.

For the main course, I tend towards the chopped entrecote  – a hefty portion of chopped steak. My daughter leans towards the cashew glazed salmon or the homemade gnocchi.

Now, the most important part – dessert.  There are a number of excellent options such as the “Broken Coconut”, but for my money, the only choice is the Caribbean Chocolate Nemesis with Tonka (whatever that is) Ice Cream.  On this, my daughter and I are in complete agreement (though the marscarpone dessert is also excellent!).

What makes Herbert Samuel special though, is the combination of great food, great ambiance, professional service (though, we all have our off-days) and excellent value at lunchtime (only 88 NIS).


Herbert Samuel; Koifman 6, Tel Aviv


Business lunch served Sunday-Friday


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  1. nora romanoff says:

    What a great “Father/Daughter” review! Grandma Nora looks forward to dining at Herbert Samuel on her next visit to Tel Aviv!!!

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